How to Prepare for Most Common Roadside Emergencies & Car Breakdowns in Henderson, NV

Flat tire, outta gas or just won’t start. Now what? In a roadside emergency there are things you can do, and more importantly stuff you should have. So, what are your needs? The most basic item on the list is a pair of jumper cables. Bad or low charged batteries are a primary point of failure. Door left unlatched, dome light inadvertently left on or corroded cables. The Las Vegas summers wreak havoc on battery life. Batteries in the heat of summer seem to last only about 3 to 4 years regardless of quality. Therefore, jumpers are primary urban or road trip accessory.

LED Flares, Flashlights & Emergency Reflective Triangle

If you’re out of gas or a flat tire, what do you need above the onboard flasher? Emergency reflective triangle and LED flares. LED flare are safer and last considerably longer than the traditional burning flare. These items are invaluable in an accident as you may be stuck in the road, not pulled to the side. Be sure to retrieve your items before moving on. Another item is a good reliable, LED flashlight. How can you fix it if you can not see it. A magnetic base or a simple hook allow you to hang your light on the underside of your hood. A set of bungee cords will prove ideal and handy for a lot of things.

Emergency Car Tool Kit

A roll of duct tape and/or electrical tape. Remember, the quality of the repair is reflected in the amount of duct tape used … all kidding aside; duct tape has multiple uses. Some plastic ties. A tow strap should also be included. A tool kit with pliers, slot and phillips screw drivers, adjustable wrench, vise grips or some other locking plier are the basics but a more robust toolkit for the mechanically inclined should find service, changing a alternator on the side of road is far easier with the right tools. A set of metric/SAE combination wrenches and a set of matching sockets. A multi-tool should be included and serves as a good all-around utility tool. For the cross-country travelers an emergency tire repair kit, pressure gauge and a 12-volt powered emergency air compressor can get you rolling. Another item is some chem-sticks i.e. chemical lights.

Road Trip Food & Drink List

In the southwest dehydration is a problem in the summer heat. With the mercury hovering around the 115-degree mark liquid replenishment is essential. Soccer moms should make sure they have an emergency supply of water or Gatorade or other non-sugary beverage (sugar makes you thirsty.) Granola bar or other snack and help maintain morale in a stressful situation.

First Aid Kit for Vehicles

A first aid kit is handy. Band-Aids, cold pack, burn spray, the basics. OTC anti-inflammatory/analgesics, season cold preparations will cover most situations. Some anti-itch meds would be useful. Some also include a glass breaker and seat belt cutter combination tool, but these must be where you can find them after a crash or rollover accident. If you cannot find it in an emergency, dealing with reduced cognitive capabilities due to shock and injury, it has to be stored in a handy and easily located place but still secure in a rollover or high impact crash.

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Another consideration is that anything not secured becomes a projectile in a crash or rollover accident.
Fortunately, most emergency situations are minor in nature. Rural driving adds significantly to the response time, and even high-traffic urban areas can stretch response times. So be prepared, remember that in local summer conditions that hydration is of paramount importance. Contact Priceless Towing for all your towing and roadside assistance needs.

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