Top Car Breakdown Reasons While Driving in Las Vegas, NV; Alternator or Starter Failure & More

Priceless Towing provides wheel lift, flat bed towing and roadside assistance services. Therefore, we encounter a number of different situations that cause the breakdown of our customer’s vehicle. When a person’s vehicle fails them, it can be stressful, especially when they are traveling, on their way to work, or picking up their kids. This is why today Priceless Towing would like to share some of the common causes for breakdowns and what you can do to help prevent breakdowns or what to do when they occur.

Most Common Vehicle Breakdown Problems

Dead or Dying Battery – Most batteries are designed to last anywhere from 2 to 5 years. However, during the summer season, with hotter temperatures, it can decrease the life of a battery. It is important as your battery ages to watch for signs that it is wearing out such as dimmer lights or the vehicle takes a long time to turn over, which is an indicator that your battery is dying. When your vehicle won’t start, you can contact roadside assistance to help give you a jump. If the battery is too far gone, the battery will require replacing.
Flat Tire or Wheel Damages – As tires age, they become prone to flats especially as the tread wears down. However, flat tires can and do often occur without warning. Often there is unseen debris in the road that can cause a flat. If your tire develops a flat, it is important to pull off to the side of the road immediately to prevent damaging the wheel. If you’re unable to change the tire and you have a spare, roadside assistance can help you. However, if you don’t have a spare, or more than one tire has a flat, you may need to tow it or get some help removing the tire and repairing them.
Alternator Failure – The alternator’s primary function is to recharge your car’s battery when the vehicle is running. However if your vehicle won’t turn on or shares similar signs of a dead battery, yet you know the battery is still good, then your alternator is going out. If the alternator went out it will require a replacement which usually means you need to get your vehicle to a mechanic. If your vehicle can operate long enough to reach your mechanic, then you will need a towing service.
Starter Failure – As you put miles on your vehicle, certain problems will begin to develop. A common problem with vehicles with high mileage is the starter may loosen. This is a simple fix. In most cases you will need to check the starter and re-tighten any loose bolts and nuts, and then secure the starter back in place. You may notice noise or engine delays when you start your vehicle.
Running Out of Gas – A surprising number of people require roadside assistance simply because they ran out of fuel. With rising gas prices, more people are trying to squeeze an extra mile or two before refueling. To help prevent breakdowns because of fuel, always refuel when you’re on your last quarter of a tank. However, if you find yourself on the side of the road, most roadside assistance will bring fuel to help you on your way.

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