Towing a Trailer for the First Time in Enterprise, NV; Should it Be Level During Tow & More

There is more to towing a trailer than simply hooking it up to your vehicle and driving away. You need to follow certain guidelines to ensure you are towing a trailer safely for your vehicle and the others that share the road with you. The fact is, when you have a trailer hooked up to your vehicle, it is much different as you drive down the road. Priceless Towing is here to share some towing tips to help ensure your safety and the safety of others while you are towing a trailer.

Towing Capacity Calculator

Before you take off with a trailer attached to your vehicle, you need to know the numbers. Located in your vehicle’s owner’s manual, there will be the information you need to know exactly how much you can tow. Towing too much weight can damage your vehicle greatly.

Weight Distribution Hitch

Whenever you are moving something heavy, it is important to use the proper weight distribution. This will make the ride much smoother as well as safer. Pack things wisely and use as many tie downs as it takes to keep your belongings in their proper place throughout the towing process.

Adjust Mirrors when Towing a Trailer

If the trailer you are towing is particularly large, you want to ensure you have the proper side mirrors to see clearly. For those that are towing often, you may want to invest in some extended view mirrors that allow you to not only see down the side of your vehicle, but the rear as well.

What Lights to Use when Driving at Night

Lights are always important when you are driving at night. Not only do you need to ensure you lights are all working properly to keep you safe, but when you are towing, you should double the amount of lights you use. Your trailers should have working brake lights, tail lights and turn signal lights. They also need to match up with the vehicle you are driving.

Check Tire Pressure & Tread

You need to remember that not only do you need to be checking the tires on your vehicle, but the trailer as well. Keep them properly inflated and ensure the tread is healthy before you take off.

Towing Trailer Safely

When you have extended the length of your vehicle with a trailer, one of the most important things to remember is speed. The faster you drive, the more dangerous it can be. When you increase your speed, the trailer you are towing will sway much more than it will at a slower speed. This puts you at a greater risk of flipping.

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Towing the trailer level allows it to track properly. Hopefully these tips come in handy the next time you need to tow a trailer with your vehicle. Anytime you find yourself in need of roadside or towing services, there isn’t a better company to get you back on the road than the towing experts at Priceless Towing. With our fast response times, you will be back on the road in no time. Call us today!

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