Towing Myths in Summerlin, NV; Weight Distribution Hitch, Trailer Swaying, Tow Mirrors & More

In todays world, blatant untruths are accepted as fact and some of us even accept conspiracy theories as reality. This leads to myths about everything, including towing. Let’s debunk some of these myths.

Myths Regarding Towing

1. Any towing-related problem can be solved with a weight-distribution hitch. A weight-distribution hitch (WDH) isn’t a magical tool. It is helpful when it’s used as part of a safe, well planned out towing set-up, but it should not be the only tool you rely on. The added weight when towing can lift the nose of the vehicle up. This can have an impact on steering, breaking and handling of the vehicle. A WHD is designed to deal with the weight imbalance and keep everything on an even keel across the axels of the vehicle and the trailer.
2. You can correct trailer swaying by going faster. You need to prevent any chance that the trailer will sway before you get on the road. This needs to be done by balancing the load, making sure the tire pressure is correct and using a weight-distribution hitch for added protection. Speeding up to prevent swaying only adds speed to an already out of control situation When the trailer starts to sway, slow down very gently, come to a stop and figure out what’s going on. The swaying may be caused by an unbalanced load or a puncture tire.
3. Small trailers are easier to reverse. It’s actually harder to maneuver a small trailer than a bigger one because a smaller trailer moves around more than a larger one and moves at sharper, tighter angles. The slower you go, the easier it will be to micro-correct your steering. This will make it easier to get any sized trailer where you want it, faster.
4. You do not need to use towing mirrors. Towing mirrors were made because they are useful and practical. The mirrors on your car work to make it possible to see behind you in everyday situations. When you’re towing, there’s no comparison to towing mirrors. Using towing mirrors along with the mirrors already on your car will increase your visibility and make the situation safer. Just like a weight-distribution hitch shouldn’t be used on its own, towing mirrors should work in addition to other parts of a towing plan for safety.
5. The maximum towing capacity of a vehicle is accurate. The vehicle’s maximum towing capacity should never be taken as gospel. This number can dazzle people, but drivers still need to remember real-world capabilities. This includes the Gross Vehicle Mass, which is the maximum weight your vehicle can be when fully loaded and the Gross Combined Mass which is the maximum your vehicle and trailer can legally weigh together. For example, a maximum tow of 3600kg means you won’t be able to add much more to the vehicle before it’s illegal. You need to remember luggage along with the driver and the passengers that will be added.

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