Who to Call when Tire Blows Out While Driving on the Highway in Henderson, NV

Auto collisions do not happen just because you or another driver collided due to driver error, sometimes they occur because of automobile parts failure. Experiencing a tire blowout for example, is something no one wants to face, particularly on the highway or freeways traveling at high speeds. But the unfortunate truth is that tire blowouts can occur at any given time, even on smooth, well maintained roads. If you know how to respond when this hazardous scenario comes to pass, you have the potential to avoid collision and get safely out of traffic.

Drive through a Tire Blowout

Your vehicle will immediately do two things when a tire blows. Depending on which tire went flat it will pull strongly to the right or left, after it has slowed down a bit. By keeping a firm grip on the steering wheel, the most important thing is to maintain control of your vehicle while keeping calm. When you are calm and relaxed, it is proven your ability to think is improved. Afterwards, execute the “drive through” during the blowout by applying the following techniques:
1) Do not brake. Typically, the first instinct in a tire and blowout is to slam on the brakes in an effort to gain control of the situation. Keep in mind that sudden braking will increase the loss of control by causing your automobile to swerve even more so.
2) Gradually let vehicle slow down. Allow the vehicle to slow down on its own as you continue steering the vehicle straight ahead in your lane. A significant drag on your automobile’s forward momentum is naturally created by the flattened tires.
3) Get off the road. Cautiously pull off to the side of the road or the shoulder if is readily accessible, after your vehicle has slowed to a safe speed. Flip on the emergency flashers to let other drivers know of your urgent situation, especially if traffic is heavy. Also deploy any emergency sign or if night use flares. The new LED flares are safer and cheaper than the burning type of flare.

Following the Tire Blowout

As previously, be sure to turn on your emergency flashers if you have not done it. Only if the conditions are safe, change the tire and drive to the nearest tire center to get a full-size replacement. If it is not safe, you lack the know how or equipment, contact a roadside assistance service for assistance. Most spare tires are smaller and are not designed to endure many miles or top speeds.

Tire Blowout Prevention

To minimize the odds of enduring a blowout, apply the following:
– Get in the habit of checking signs of damage such as blisters, bubbles, and cracks, particularly on older tires.
– Avoid overloading your vehicle.
– If you experience a blowout, stay in control by driving through it and drive safely and stay alert at all times.
– Ensure your tires are properly inflated.
– Once a month, check your tread wear.

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Drive Smart. Drive Safe. Check your equipment regularly. Top off fluid and check your hoses and belts on a regular basis. No belt, no power steering assistance. If you do get stranded, call Priceless Towing for emergency towing and roadside assistance services.

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