Best Emergency Car Roadside Survival Kit in Desert Shores, NV; Flares, Phone Charger & More

It is always good to be prepared for various scenarios that could have you pulled off to the side of the road. If nothing else, being prepared enough to call for professional can really help with the never-ending possibilities that can occur. We at Priceless Towing would like to offer suggestions for your emergency roadside kit that can come in handy when you are in a bind.

Emergency Car Survival Kit List

You will want the following essentials to aid you in emergency situations.
First aid kit: There are a number of medical needs that can happen on the road and having a prepared first aid can give you the opportunity to respond to the minor issues. If you have passengers that frequently ride with, such as family members, with specific medical conditions, having extra medications with you can be an extra win.
Cell phone charger: Few have landlines as most rely on their cell phones. When your vehicle becomes inoperable out of nowhere, having your cell phone is important to request for help. If the battery dies before you get a hold of anyone it is useless. Keeping an extra car charger in your emergency kit can ensure you have a charger with you and can charge your phone enough to contact help. If there is an emergency situation and you need to call 911 or require a tow/roadside be sure to know your location as the operators will not be able to pinpoint your location.
Flares: You can avoid potential hazard by giving other motorists an opportunity to notice your vehicle is down. Keep some flares, hazard triangles, or warning lights in your kit so you can place them accordingly to draw more attention to your vehicle; avoid products that need batteries.
Fire Extinguisher: Vehicles can potentially catch fire from oil leaks to electrical shorts and other circumstances. You can minimize the damage and control the small flames quickly by having a fire extinguisher in your kit that is easy to get to. A good option is the multipurpose dry-chemical fire extinguishers and they come in a variety of sizes to accommodate the space you have.

Other Roadside Emergency Kit Items

Below are not necessarily emergency basic, but will definitely come in handy when your vehicles experiences minor issues that will render undrivable.
Jumper Cables/ Battery Booster: Jumper cables with the help of a good Samaritan can help you give your batter a jump if the battery is drained or even better, the battery booster lets you give yourself a jump without needing another vehicle.
Flashlight: Coming useful in the dark when you break down, having a mountable and flexible flashlight can help you see to get the minor repairs made or set up the road flares until help arrives without relying on a possible cell phone flashlight when you need to make calls instead.
Lug Wrench and Jack: A spare is relatively useless without the right tools to change the tires. You need the right size lug wrench and a jack to properly change the tire. However, some model vehicles are equipped with run-flat tires, eliminating the need for a spare. These tires are drivable, even with little to no air for limited miles. Learn more about the warning signs of imminent tire failure and the mileage of the tires equipped on your car if this applies.
Tire Gauge: Not necessarily part of the emergency kit, but everyone should check the pressure of their tires on a monthly basis to reduce tire issues on the road. Having a gauge with you will help you know the pressure should you need to put more air in the tire while out driving.
Foam Tire Sealant /Portable Compressor: Temporarily repairing minor tire punctures, foam tire sealant or to even help you remedy a slow leak with a portable compressor, having one or both of these items can help you from getting stranded and get you to tire a shop at the least.
Tow Truck and Roadside Company Card: Keep the business card of your tow truck and roadside assistance company in your kit as well as program the contact information in your cell phone to ensure you have backup in case the phone is unusable. If you have the number, a pay phone, a helpful motorist, or store clerk can lend you a phone to call your company.

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Useful items if you have the space, enjoy off-roading, or just want to make sure you are adequately prepared, consider the following: tool kits, spare rags, folding shovel, tire chains, extra water, non-perishable food, tow straps, gloves, blankets, and a GPS among anything else that you feel are ideal. For your towing and roadside needs, call Priceless Towing and let our specialists assist you when you find the need for a tow or need help with your inoperable vehicle. Contact us today.

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