Flatbed Towing Benefits in Anthem, NV; Damage Free, Faster, Sometimes the Only Option & More

In moments where your car isn’t running well or is unable to move at all, thank heaven for tow trucks. They are designed to handle the weight of your vehicle and get it to a place that is safe and repairs can be made. There are many different types of tow trucks out there, but they all fall within two towing categories: wheel lift towing and flatbed towing. Today Priceless Towing is here to talk about the benefits that come from flatbed towing.

Avoid Damage to Your Car with Flatbed Towing

There is a large amount of debris on the road. When you only lift two wheels off the road to tow your vehicle, you run the risk of damaging your vehicle. Not only that, but when two wheels are left on the road, miles are clocked on your odometer causing more wear and tear on your vehicle. If you are towing your vehicle with a chain and hook system, you have to worry about your vehicle running into the truck towing it and causing additional damage to the bumper of your car as well. When you choose to have your vehicle towed using a flatbed trailer, you avoid any more wear on your vehicle and avoid clocking miles on your odometer that you aren’t driving.

Flatbed Towing is the Safest Option

Anytime you are using other methods to tow your vehicle, there is a greater risk to other drivers on the road as well as the truck towing the vehicle. Flatbed towing offers the safest option in towing vehicles since there is no vehicle dangerous swaying behind the tow truck.

Many Vehicles Can’t Be Towed Any Other Way

In some cases, there is no other way to tow rather than flatbed towing. If your vehicle has been in an accident that has damaged the car so severely that it can’t drive, you will be needing a flatbed truck to take care of the problem. Also, vehicles that are large and heavy will require flatbed towing as well. Other vehicles that require special towing arrangements are exotic or low riding vehicles that would possibly sustain damage if they were towed using a wheel lift towing system.

Save Time & Hassle with Flatbed Towing

Lastly, flatbed towing saves you time. For many vehicles to be towed using a wheel lift towing system, the drive shaft has to be removed to avoid transmission damage. Towing with a flatbed requires none of that. All you have to do is drive the vehicle up on the bed and off you go. That is, if you aren’t towing a vehicle that has been damaged in an accident and can still drive.

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