Car Emergency Roadside Kit & Survival Gear in Desert Shores, NV; Jumper Cables & More

What items should be included in your vehicles emergency kit? It depends on your travel habits. Urban or cross country. First the basics:
Jumper cables. 1-15 ft long, 8 or 6-gauge wire (Standards are 10ft 8-gauge cables)
Car battery operated air compressor. Who checks the spare tire pressure. A compressor can compensate for slow leaks, low spares and vandalism where are is let out of tires.
Flash light: a must for every vehicle and at least one if not two spare battery changes. Rotate on a regular basis to ensure freshness.
First aid kit: Working on a car, broke down alongside the road, expect some booboos. It’s very easy to pick up minor injuries. Some naproxen, ibuprofen or Excedrin can stave of headaches and minor body pains. Burn ointments or spray, antibiotic creams, cold packs and band-aids round an appropriate first aid kit. For those that suffer motion sickness some treatment should be included, as well as non-drowsy allergy medicine. A Mylar emergency blanket or poncho and gloves (a real gripper changing a tire in the rain).
Long distance, cross country travel:
Three day emergency survival kit for four persons. Emergency ration bars and water to keep 4 people operative for 72 hours. During forest fire season, it is not uncommon for roads to be closed, with no turnaround available on separated highways, for hours even a day or two. Some drink and food will make weathering the storm easier. Hydration is the single most important consideration in our desert environment. With our 110 degree or higher summers they can quickly take its toll if you’re stuck in the heat of summer waiting for a tow. Ten minutes can feel like hours. Response time are generally between 20-40 minutes, but occasionally longer depending on traffic in the city. Out on the highway 2 or more hours is common.
Other considerations would include:
Spare fuses: Pick up a spare fuse kit with what you need for your vehicle. Save a lot of headaches and frustration.
Basic tool kit. Flat & Phillips head screw drivers, a pair of pliers, perhaps either an adjustable wrench (Crescent) and locking (Vise-Grips) pliers, utility knife, a roll of electrical and duct tape, some bungee cords, cable ties. Waterless hand clean and a shop rag or paper towels. A shop or ground cloth (roads are very dirty) and a pair of gloves, canvass with vinyl-dimples is recommended.
Emergency flares and a set of hazard/caution/warning reflector triangles. These will hopefully prevent a collision. Reflectors during the day a flare or two at night. New high-tech LED flashing flares are cheaper and better than the burning type These have magnetic and braces for setting the units vertical. Just keep some spare batteries. Burning flares only have about a 20 minute burn time, LEDs are the best and most inexpensive. Light sticks are another alternative.
Whistle with lanyard: When you need to get attention and you don’t want to lose it.
Clean up gear: If you lift the lid (hood) you gonna get dirty. Some rags and waterless hand cleaner will save the day.
Entertainment: If traveling with kids something to entertain them will aid the morale of the parent. Emergencies don’t happen on a regular basis. But if you travel a lot on the roads and highways, you will eventual suffer an automotive breakdown or a flat tire. Bet to be prepared.
Bug out kit: The survivalist types would include a bug-out kit if they should have to abandon the ride and hoof it to get home or to their destination. A lot of stuff would cross over like first aid kits and food-water, etcetera.

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The more prepared you can be the more likely you are to handle the events inconveniences experienced. In extreme cases survival may depend on it. If you do get stranded, you may need a dependable towing and roadside assistance company. Priceless Towing is here to rescue you in the Greater Las Vegas Valley. Contact us whenever you need roadside help.

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