How to Avoid Car Accidents Caused By Rain in Anthem, NV; Drive Slower, Defog Windows & More

Las Vegas rains can be very unpredictable and we can go for long periods of time in between rain. Due to the long dry spells, when rain does occur it causes the oil and car emissions to rise to the surface which makes the roads become very slippery. During the early seasons of rain, Vegas roads become very dangerous and many collisions and car accidents occur. Priceless Towing has arrived on the scene of many car accidents that have occurred due to the rain. To help promote safety and driving during rainy season, Priceless Towing will share how you can avoid car accidents during stormy and wet seasons.

Tips to Avoid Being a Rain Car Accident Statistic

Drive Slower During Rainy Weather: During rainy weather, especially the first rain after a dry spell, it is wise to slow down and driver slower. Due to the dry pavement, oil, grease and emission that built up over time are now wet and mixing together. This causes the roads to become very slippery. During the rain it is better to driver slow and be safer versus risking a car accident.
Keep Your Eyes on the Lead Vehicle: Las Vegas can get very heavy rain and even hail storms that can reduce visibility. When visibility becomes an issue, make sure you keep an eye on the vehicle in front of you. They become an extension of your eyes and when the car brakes or slows down, you can follow. When you can’t see what is happening in front of you, it is harder to react properly. However, by watching the car in front of you, they can help provide some additional information of what is happening.
Brake Sooner and Slower: Sudden braking can send your car skidding and essentially your car can lose its connection to the road. As many know, when a car begins to skid you’re losing control of your vehicle. In many cases, control can be regained. However, at higher speeds it becomes more difficult and even unlikely that you will regain control. When driving in the rain, even on the freeways, make sure you reduce speed sooner and keep more distance between you and other vehicles. This will help provide more time to slow down and stop your vehicle.
Defog Windows: During rain, hail, or snow, the windshield often will fog up. Many people will attempt to use their heater to defog the windows. This actually creates more fog. Even though it may be cold, use your air conditioner to help defog your windows correctly.
Avoid Driving in Flood Waters: Las Vegas landscape has many rolling hills and level changes within very short distances. Due to this, many roads are prone to flooding or collecting standing water in the middle of the road. Never drive through standing water or flooded roads. Not only can you flood out your vehicle, but you can also cause tire damage, or impair the braking systems.

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When Vegas gets rain it is important to drive safely to prevent any major accidents. Roads are very dangerous when they get wet. If everyone drivers more cautiously, it can help save lives. Be safe and for all of your roadside assistance and towing services, contact Priceless Towing today.

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