How to Prevent Front & Rear Tire Blow Outs on Highway 11 & Other Roads in Aliante, NV

One of the most common types of break downs in vehicles is flat tires. Flat tires can occur unexpectedly and cause you to be late or can even be dangerous. For those who want to avoid having tire trouble you can greatly reduce your chances with proper maintenance and tire care. Priceless Towing will share how to care for and monitor your tires properly, to help reduce if not prevent tire troubles such as flats or blowouts while you are on the road.

Check Tire Pressure

Never wait until the low pressure icon lights up to finally check your tire pressure. Low tire pressure can cause irregular tire wear pattern which can lead to flat or tire blow outs. Each tire’s size and type will vary on how much air pressure it requires. Most are labeled or marked on the side wall of the tire. Or you can seek professional help in determining how much air should be in the tire at all times. Additionally, remember as the temperatures cool down, air pressure can drop in the tires as well. Keep a closer eye on your tire pressure during the winter season.

Avoid Putting Extra Load on Tires

Overloading refers to putting too much weight on the vehicle. Each vehicle and its tires have a maximum weight capacity. If the vehicle (typically pickup trucks) is over loaded and over capacity, then your tires are at risk of blowouts. One of the leading causes of blowouts is due to overloading a vehicle. It is important to know your vehicle’s capacity limits and avoid overloading the vehicle.

Speeding Causes Tire Blowouts

Speeding can cause blowouts and when they do occur during high speeds, they are very dangerous and cause many accidents. High speeds can cause tires to become very hot. It also can cause the air pressure inside the tire to drop rapidly. The two working together is the perfect recipe for high speed blowouts. It is hard to maintain control of the vehicle and many fatal accidents have occurred due to high speed blowout. It is strongly encouraged that you watch your speed and maintain good tires to avoid high speed blowouts.

Check Tire Quality

As you drive you are wearing down your tire’s tread little by little over time. Over a long enough period of time your tire’s tread will become very low and are often referred to as bald. When tires become bald they don’t grip the road very well. Additionally, they can become flat or blowout much easier. You will want to check the tread about once a month to make sure the tread doesn’t get too low. Check the wear patterns as well. It should remain even. If the pattern becomes irregular this can be a sign of future problems, usually with the tires. However, irregular patterns could be due to other issues as well.

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Priceless Towing hopes we are able to help keep drivers safer on the road and to prevent less flat tires or blow outs. If you find you need towing or roadside assistance, contact Priceless Towing. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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