Safest & Most Dangerous Times to Drive in Mountain’s Edge, NV to Avoid Car Accidents

There seems to be a common season and/or time to be on the road when the majority of accidents occur. Tow truck drivers have the unfortunate experience of arriving on many crash or automobile accident sites. To help encourage better safety on the road, Priceless Towing would like to help make everyone aware of these most dangerous times to drivers and when you should be more cautious.

When Do Most Car Accidents Occur; Holidays, Nights, Rainy Weather & More

Rush Hour – There is usually a morning and evening rush hour. Between the two, there are more accidents during the evening rush hours. It seems after a long day at work people are tired and a little reckless. Therefore, more accidents occur. However, the morning rush hour has a fair share of accidents as well. In short, the more condense traffic gets, the higher your chances for becoming involved in an automobile accident.
Saturday – The weekend, but most specifically Saturday, has a high volume of drivers which increases the chances of an accident. Many will drink on Saturday knowing they have Sunday to recover. With more drinkers on the road accidents can and so happen. Reports suggest more people will hang out and drink on Saturday, so be cautious during the weekend.
Summer – It’s summer break! During the summer the kids are out of school. This means more people are driving for summer vacations. Being a tourist town, we see much more out of state drivers on the road. Another concern during the summer is the increase of youth drivers that are on the road. With school out and the parents still working, many older teens are driving themselves around. They lack experience. Often young drivers are unaware when traffic becomes more hazardous and so many summer accidents involve younger drivers.
July 4th – Yes, out of all the holidays, even over New Years, the 4th of July appears to have a higher accident rate. Many people will come to see the Strip’s spectacular fireworks show and with school still out, many visitors are adding to the road population. It’s no wonder why more accidents occur. The fact is, the New Year holiday has less cars on the road since many will group and use a designated driver. Therefore, there are fewer cars on the road.
Holiday Season – Through October to the end of December we celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. With so many holidays occurring during these last three months of the year, it is no wonder why more cars are on the road. As traffic becomes denser, it increases the chance of an automobile accident from occurring.
Rain – Las Vegas doesn’t get a lot of rain as do other states, which means more oil fumes building up on the road. After a long dry spell and we get that first rain storm, the oil and solvent on the road dampens and the roads become very slick on top of being wet. Especially during the first rain, most people will drive slower and more cautiously. Yet, others forget how slick the road can be. Since Las Vegas drivers lack regular practice driving in the rain, accidents occur.
Winter – Las Vegas can get very cold during the winter and occasionally the road can ice up after a little bit of winter rain. Snow isn’t a major problem unless you’re visiting the mountains. However, many Las Vegas drivers don’t have a lot of experience driving on wet, icy, or snow covered roads. During these rare occasions, be sure to driver more cautiously.

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Priceless Towing wishes everyone a safe drive and if you need help after an accident when it comes to towing your vehicle or you’ve broken down and need roadside assistance, contact Priceless Towing.

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