How to Get Your Car Out of Impound in North Las Vegas, NV; Abandoned Vehicle Laws & More

An experience people are never eager to have go through is getting a vehicle impounded. After being legally stored in a tow yard, an impounded automobile is kept there until they are auctioned, recycled, destroyed, or returned to the owner after the fees and charges are paid. The impounding agency must have legal rights to impound a vehicle. Agents are sent to tow a vehicle after the vehicle is put on the impound list. Not only can an automobile be impounded that way, but law enforcement or a private organization has the right to impound your vehicle if you violate any laws. This action will give them an increased chance of receiving the fees and charges accrued from driving or parking infractions caused on private property or on public roads. We at Priceless Towing would like to relate the basics of impounded vehicles.

Abandoned Vehicle Laws

Where there are legal rights to have your vehicle towed and impounded, if you believe it was done unlawfully, you have the right to an attorney who can prove your case in court. To help assist in recovery of funds used for towing and storing the vehicle in question in the yard, most abandoned vehicles that get impounded are auctioned off. For the vehicle to be labeled abandoned, it is because the owner could not be located, the owner no longer wants it, or the vehicle’s stay has come past due.

Why Do Cars Get Impounded?

In the event your vehicle gets impounded, reclaiming it can be done easier if you understood why it might have been impounded and what to expect when you recover it. Automobiles are commonly impounded due to the following:
– Outstanding parking fines
– Extreme speeding
– Expired registration
– Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
– Driving under suspension
– Driving without a license
– Vehicle is uninsured
– Car is listed as stolen
– Vehicle is a potential health hazard or high risk
– Vehicle involved in assault or other crimes
– Illegal Parking
– Violating traffic rules
– Vehicle is not roadworthy
– Vehicle was in a collision
– Vehicle was discovered abandoned

How to Get My Car Out of Impound

After their vehicles have become impounded, many owners will receive collection letters. To recover your vehicle after it has been impounded, it requires a minimum of your ID and proof of ownership. In some unavoidable circumstances, you may not be able to recover your car yourself. If the situation applies, having a person in possession of a letter of authorization signed by you, a copy of your driving license, and an insurance certificate to prove your identity along with any further documentation required by the individual impound yard can often be enough.

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Do note, that it is rarely free to get your vehicle out once it has been impounded. To get it back, whether by you or another person, you will need to have all the charges and fees paid in full. Once all the fees are paid and documentation and ID shown, you will get your car back. It is advised that you do not abandon your vehicle in an effort to avoid paying the bill to recover your car however. It will result in you having no claim, where it will later be auctioned or destroyed, and any money made from it will be awarded the impounding agency, where the debt will still be owed. Contact Priceless Towing for all your towing and roadside assistance needs.

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