Emergency Roadside Assistance in Paradise, NV; Jump Starts for Dead Car Battery & More

Towing companies offer more than just clearing accidents of car hulks or delivering your car to the dealership after a breakdown. Many tow companies offer roadside services. In the heat experienced in the southwestern states, battery failure is a fact of life. Batteries will seldom last more than 3 to 4 years. The heat cooks the batteries and leads to a premature failure. It doesn’t make much difference on the quality of the battery. The premium batteries only by about a year over the mid-range priced batteries. Needless to say, battery failure is a common occurrence. As such many tow companies can delivery and install a new battery.

Jump Start Service for a Dead Car Battery

Your seat-belt caused the door not to close leaving the interior light on? Battery is drained, or the connections corroded. Well a quick fixit is to pour a Coke or other pop on the terminals. Sodas are chemical opposites to the corrosive deposits and will wash away corrosion in an emergency. But proper cleaning with a steel brush is still the best way to ensure the connection to the battery is good. But you may require a battery jump to get you rolling. Many tow companies offer jump services to get you rolling.

Lockout Service when Keys Locked in Car

The harried mom or executive locks their keys in a car. Many tow companies have the tools necessary to unlock vehicles and have the knowledge of how to do it safely. That metal strip with a funny hook is usually referred to as a ‘slim Jim’ and offered as a commercial product for the police and emergency personnel. Many different tools are carried by tow drivers to aid in getting back into your care in case of a ‘lock out’ and on your way. The tow company can get you rolling, perhaps even make feel better in dealing with your embarrassment.

Fuel Delivery if You Run Out of Gas

Oil, gas and water, along with power steering and brake fluid are the main liquids used in vehicle operation and are vital importance. Running our gas or lack of water due to a over heating situation will require someone to deliver those items to you. Many tow companies will delivery gas, water or oil to get you rolling. Many modern vehicles have ‘shutdown circuitry’ to shut down the engine if the oil drops to a dangerous level.

Tire Changes for Flat Tires

Tires are a key component of every vehicle. Roads in our valley run hot, very hot. The modern radial has various layers making up the carcass of the tire surround in the tread area with a belt of steel. Low pressures will cause excessive flex that builds even more heat in the running tire. Heat can only be radiated away and cooled by the passing air currents. If the tire is heated passed its design tolerance the cords will sperate and lead to failure, a ‘blown tire’. Road and parking lot hazards can lead to punctures or cutting of the tire, again leading to a failed tire. Many tow companies offer services to assist in tire changes or replacement. Some vehicle may experience lug nuts that are corroded to the lug studs making tire removal a real challenge. Ever bought a used car only to find out that the jack is missing? A well-equipped tow truck carries a jack. Hook and boom trucks can lift the wheels off the ground facilitating a tire change.

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Depending on services required, expect to have to provide some information to the tow company about your vehicle if we need parts like tires or batteries. This ensures our tow driver is equipped to provide the requested service. Priceless Towing offers expert towing and roadside assistance services. Contact us if you or a loved one are ever stranded on the side of the road.

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