Tips to Avoid Breakdowns, Dangers & Hazards of Summer Driving in Providence, NV

During the summer months, you can count on the amount of vehicles on the road to at least double. With the added traffic, comes inherent dangers as well. There are several precautions you can make to ensure you and those that are riding with you are as safe as possible though. Priceless Towing is here to share some driving safety tips to help keep you safe during your summer travels.

Wear Your Seatbelt

One adult every 14 seconds is treated in a hospital for injuries related to traffic accidents. Many of these injuries can be avoided by the patient simply wearing their seatbelt when driving in their vehicle. Simply put, thousands of lives could be saved every single year by the simple act of wearing their seatbelt.

Follow Car Seat Guidelines

Every car seat is different, but their purpose is the same; to keep a child safe in the car. If your car seat isn’t installed in your vehicle properly, it will not offer the same protection for a child. If there are anchors and tethers in your vehicle, this is the more secure way to install your car seat. They are found where the backrest of the seat meets the lower seat cushion.

Properly Maintain Your Car

There is a certain amount of maintenance that needs to be done for your vehicle to run well. At the very least, you need to have your oil and filter changed regularly as well as your tires rotated so that they wear evenly. This will help you vehicle run its best when you head out for your summer vacation.

Renting a Car VS Driving Your Own

If your vehicle isn’t is top running order, you may want to consider renting a vehicle. Rentals are usually newer cars that have been well taken care of. They have to pass rigorous maintenance tests before they are rented to someone new.

Roadside Emergency Car Kit

Having a roadside assistance kit with you can save you time if you ever find yourself on the side of the road. They usually come equipped with jumper cables, hazard triangles or emergency flares, first aid kit, tire sealant and a flashlight to name a few.

Drive Safely Around Trucks

This last tip is an important one. Large trucks, 18-wheelers, are an especially dangerous vehicle on the road. They have long blind spots and are top heavy. This is why you should never drive on the side of them if you can avoid it. Either pass them or get behind them to keep yourself safe. These trucks take a longer amount of time to stop and make wider turns.

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