Tips for Driving in Heavy Rain to Avoid a Car Accident & Tow in Tuscany Village, NV

If you have lived in Las Vegas for very long, you may have noticed that when it rains chaos breaks out on the roadways. Since it does not rain very often here many drivers are just not sure what the best way to drive in the rain is. Here at Priceless Towing we do not want to have to tow your car due to an accident during rainfall. We have some tips to help you drive safely when it is raining outside.

Drive with Headlights on During Rain

When it is raining it can be hard for other motorists to see you. Turning on your vehicle’s headlights will increase your own visibility and will also increase the ability for other drivers to see your car on the roads.

Turn Your Windshield Wipers On when Driving in Rain

Make sure that you know how to turn on your windshield wipers and adjust their speed before it begins raining. Trying to master your windshield wipers when the rain is already pouring down is not a great plan! You will want to make sure that your wipers are set to a speed that fits the current rate of rainfall is important. You do not want your wipers to be going too slow or too fast.

How Much Slower Should You Drive in the Rain?

When rain is pouring down conditions for driving are not ideal. The speed limits are set assuming that driving conditions are ideal. Wet roads can be extremely dangerous. The reaction time of your vehicle is much slower when it is raining. Driving at or below the speed limit is definitely a must when it is raining outside.

Why Can’t You Use Cruise Control in the Rain?

When it is raining you will need to maintain control of your car at all times. Having your cruise control on reduces the amount of control you have over your vehicle. It is best to turn your cruise control off and use your own two feet to maintain a safe, steady speed during the storm.

Never Slam On The Brakes when Driving in Heavy Rain

When your brake pads are wet they may fail if you slam on your brakes. You need to make sure that you give yourself enough time and space to slow down and stop when it is raining. You will want to give yourself a greater distance between you and the car in front of you when it is raining. Slowing down gently will also give the driver behind you a chance to slow down properly in the rain and prevent them from rear-ending you.

Don’t Drive Through Water

When you drive through standing water it can cause your car to hydroplane. Hydroplaning is when your car skids across the surface of the road. Hydroplaning is most likely to happen when you drive through standing water. If you have never hydroplaned before it can be a scary experience. If your car does hydroplane calmly take your foot off of the gas and steer your car in the direction that the front of your car needs to go. Do not make sudden turns or slam on your brakes.

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The next time that it rains here in Las Vegas, Priceless Towing hopes that you will remember these important tips for driving in the rain so that you can avoid an accident. Hopefully the other drivers on the road will be as prepared as you are! If you do find yourself in a car accident and need your car towed please give Priceless Towing a call and we will be there to help you in your time of need.

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