Towing FAQ in The Lakes, NV; Which Tow Truck is Best for AWD, Lowered Cars & More

To better understand the procedures and protocols concerning towing, many people have a host of questions. Priceless Towing of Las Vegas, NV has answered a handful of the most common frequently asked questions in an effort to help our Vegas Valley customers better understand towing.

Towing Questions & Answers

Question: Are there different types of tow trucks?
Answer: A vehicle can be towed several ways. Among professionals, the most common methods include Wheel-lift Towing, Flatbed Towing, and Frame-Lift Towing. From large industrial automobiles down to small personal vehicles like motorcycles, there are many options and methods available to make towing safe and reliable. Call Priceless Towing to learn more about our methods.
Question: How do you tow an all-wheel-drive (AWD) vehicle?
Answer: Flatbed towing is the most effective, but there are a few towing options that can accommodate all-wheel-drive vehicle.
Question: Do automatic transmission vehicles require towing with the drive wheels on the ground?
Answer: Every situation is evaluated and a solution best for the circumstances is applied, but if necessary it can be done with limited speed and distance.
Question: How do tow truck drivers know the best towing method to use?
Answer: The standard equipment a tow truck driver carries is geared to handle the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure safe towing. Experience makes the tow truck drivers more and more adverse with their profession as they deal with the various makes and models. If they are ever in a unique situation where they are unsure, the driver will call the manufacturers for protocol.
Question: Can your car be damaged during a tow?
Answer: There is a possibility damage can occur, however, reputable tow companies, especially involving flatbed or wheel-lift towing methods are efficiently towed safely.
Question: Is there any specialized training required for tow truck drivers?
Answer: Certified testing is required for tow truck drivers that undergo advanced training programs and defensive driving tactic training. Many companies have their drivers attend mandatory training and education classes to refresh on past knowledge and to expose them to new methods and technology.
Question: Do tow truck drivers need a specialized license at the DMV?
Answer: Certification and a clean driving record is typically all that is required for employment and DMV does not issue any special tow driving licenses.
Question: Are lowered vehicles towable?
Answer: If necessary special accommodations can be made to tow a low ground vehicle, but most conventional methods are often applicable.

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